A traffic violation in Denver, CO, can quickly escalate and have life-altering consequences, especially if you don’t know your rights.

Our law office represents clients who have received the following violations:

  • Commercial Driver License Violations: Including a failure to stop at the port of entry, texting while driving, driving while out of service, and more.
  • Civil Traffic Tickets: Speeding, red light violations, and other traffic tickets can affect your insurance rates or even result in a license suspension.
  • Photo Radar Defense: Not every photo radar defense ticket requires legal representation, but you may want to consult an attorney to see if the ticket can be beaten.
  • Criminal Traffic Tickets: These violations are more serious than civil traffic tickets, and could include charges or reckless driving, racing, criminal speed, and DUI.
  • DUI & Drug Violations: The penalties for these charges vary widely. Skilled legal representation is vital to ensure your rights are protected.

Regardless of the circumstances, you deserve legal representation that ensures you’re treated fairly. We work with clients to reduce fines and charges to lessen the impact that these violations have on their lives.

Contact the Law Offices of Brian S. Popp to see how we can help.